Policy Update on Abortion Access

Together, we’ve stopped further restrictions to abortions in Nebraska—for now.

In case you missed it, the Governor announced earlier this week that there were not enough votes to call a special legislative session to attempt to take away our rights to make decisions about our own bodies.

One of the most important life decisions we will ever make is how, when and if to become a parent. There is no room for the government to be involved in what is ultimately a deeply personal decision for each person and each family.

The anti-abortion strategy has always been to chip away at our rights. That’s why our goal is clear—no exceptions. No bans. No further restrictions. Continue to contact your Senator to oppose abortion restrictions and speak out against any attempts to take away your rights. This latest announcement proves your calls and emails are working. Don’t stop advocating for access!

We expect anti-abortion lawmakers to continue to try to completely ban abortion and criminalize people who decide to end their pregnancies. This is not what the majority of Nebraskans want and we remain committed to working with our partners and Nebraskans like you to create a future where we all have the freedom to control our own bodies, safely care for our families and live with dignity.

Join us in supporting everyone’s ability to make their own decisions about their lives, bodies and futures. Get connected at www.NebraskansForAbortionAccess.com.