Policy Wins for Gender Equity!

If “wow” is the word to describe this short legislative session, then that goes straight to YOU! As bold advocates for gender equity, you were determined to create a community where everyone can be free, safe and healthy. You made good policies become law and resisted bad policies by using your voice, your spirit and your words. You showed up, MANY TIMES, to ensure you were being heard.

Thank you for being part of the change and the progress we can make when we come together. We are so proud of YOU and are celebrating these wins with you!

BIG Policy Wins for Gender Equity in 2022

  • Strengthened safety and identity protections for survivors through LB 1246, introduced by Senator Patty Pansing Brooks. For more information, see our fact sheets (English / Spanish).
  • Established a Domestic Abuse Death Review Team through LB 1009, introduced by Senator Tom Brandt, and amended onto LB 741For more information, see our fact sheets (English / Spanish).
  • Blocked further restrictions to abortion care by stopping a trigger ban bill (LB 933), a six week ban (LB 781) and medically unnecessary restrictions to medication abortion (LB 1086).
  • Removed sales tax on menstrual products and required detention facilities to provide these items for free through LB 881, introduced by Senator Terrell McKinney and amended onto LB 984.
  • Stopped attempts to keep comprehensive and inclusive education from young people as LB 768 and LB 1077 stalled in their respective committees.
  • Provided Good Samaritan immunity to witnesses or survivors of sexual assault under the influence of alcohol and control substances during the time of the assault through LB 519, introduced by Senator Adam Morfeld.

This was the second year of the biennium, so all bills introduced and not passed are now indefinitely postponed. Over the next several months, we will be working to ensure robust implementation of this year’s policy wins, listening to those with lived experience, researching the issues impacting gender equity and coalition-building.

If you have questions about this legislative session or our collective work moving forward, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you again for your support and for using your voice for all those who experience gender-based oppression across our state!

What Comes Next

Now we turn our attention to local elections. Many of the votes this session had slim margins, which shows how much your vote matters in local elections. The Primary Election is May 10. Check your voter registration. Make your voting plan. We have collected all the resources in one place—www.OmahaVotes.com—to provide the tools you need to be engaged in electing new representatives.

It’s time to elect leaders who will center gender and racial equity in their decisions!