Annual Report

Your continued support of the Women’s Fund makes our work of identifying critical issues, funding innovative solutions and leading dynamic change possible. Thank you for standing with us and advocating for women and girls in our community!

In 2019, we invested more than $10 million in grants to local organizations working to improve the lives of women and girls. Testimony was provided on 35 legislative bills with two of our top priority bills passing unanimously by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor.

Here are additional highlights of our work in 2019:

In collaboration with criminal justice and victim service providers, the Women’s Fund released a new research report, “State of Domestic Violence in Douglas County.” This report highlights data trends over a three-year period and helps the community to better understand the scope of abuse locally and how systems can collectively keep victims safe and hold offenders accountable. These efforts included partnering with allies in the journalism industry to shift the way they report on violence against women. Journalists have the ability to shape public perception, so we developed “Changing the Narrative of Violence Against Women: A Media Resource” to assist in that work.

On April 30, Brenda Council retired as Adolescent Health Project Manager but remains connected to the Women’s Fund as a consultant continuing her service to the community as an advocate for sexual and reproductive health services. In June, the Women’s Fund was awarded “Organization of the Year” by the Heartland Pride Board of Directors for continuing to advocate for barrier-free access to sexual and reproductive health services for all adolescents. The 8th class of Circles included 32 new members and continued to drive our mission through advocacy efforts and community impact. With unwavering support and unparalleled commitment, Melanie Morrisey Clark completed her second term as board chair at the end of 2019. Much of the work highlighted here is a direct result of her leadership.

A full review of the year is below. Thank you for your continued commitment to women and girls in our community.

2019 Financial Summary


Total: $16.1 Million


Special Events$293,353
Total 2019 Revenue$16,113,528


Total: $14.1 Million


Ella Baker$72,887
I Be Black Girl$109,973
Adolescent Health Project$953,248
Freedom from Violence$2,139,278
Total 2019 Expenses$14,139,566