Legislative Update: April 5

The Nebraska Legislature started all-day floor debate last week and that will continue now through the end of the session. With committee hearings complete, please continue to contact your Senator directly to support or oppose bills. You can also stay updated on moving bills via our advocacy resources.

Your voice and continued advocacy matters. There is a concerted effort to convince you that nothing can be done. It is designed to make you give in to the exhaustion of this moment. Stay with us. Stay engaged and keep using your voice!


Debate on LB 626, a six-week abortion ban, could be scheduled any day. Here are four things you can do right now to protect abortion access.

1. Contact Your Senator to Oppose LB 626

In less than five minutes, you can let your Senator know that you oppose further restrictions on abortion and want them to vote no on LB 626, a bill that would ban abortions at six weeks. If LB 626 passes, abortion care could be essentially banned immediately and before most people know they are pregnant. There’s still time to reject this political inference into your health care. Get more information and contact your Senator now!

2. Join Us for Floor Debate

The presence of abortion rights advocates in the balcony and Rotunda can be an impactful visual for Senators as they debate LB 626. Show up to remind them that the majority of Nebraskans reject further restrictions on abortion care. Be there to protect your rights. Sign-up to join us when floor debate begins.

3. Tell Five of Your Friends

Everyone deserves the right to make decisions about if, when and how to become a parent. Talk to your people and make sure they know that their reproductive rights are under attack. Encourage them to also contact their Senator now to oppose LB 626.

4. Submit a Letter to the Editor

Abortion is not an issue that people are split on. In fact, the majority of Americans, including the majority of Nebraskans, support abortion access and reject further political interference into personal health care. It’s time to get loud to protect our rights to access the care we want and need. Write a letter to the editor to help shape public opinion and even reach elected officials. 


❌ LB 574, introduced and prioritized by Senator Kathleen Kauth, bans families of transgender youth from seeking medically-sound, affirming health care and punishes doctors for providing care. The bill has passed first round debate but it’s not over yet. Contact your Senator to oppose LB 574.

 LB 77, introduced and prioritized by Senator Tom Brewer, would allow for the carrying of concealed handguns without a permit. This bill has now passed the second round of debate. As gun violence continues to impact our communities, it is important to oppose this legislation and ensure that everyone, including our children, can live safely. Contact your Senator to oppose LB 77.


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Don’t miss your opportunity to celebrate the inspiring members in our community. Let us lift up the brave and honor the bold. Together, we can shine a light on those who inspire us all and are truly dedicated to advancing gender equity. Let’s cheer for the rock stars and cheer on the advocates protecting our rights.

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