Legislative Update:
March 20

Tomorrow will be Day 47 of a 90-day session. With less than halfway to go, no bills have yet to pass three rounds of debate and be sent to the governor’s desk. This is not typical, but folks nothing about this session has been. Things will start to pick-up a bit now that an agreement has been reached for Senator Machaela Cavanaugh to end her filibuster against anti-LGBTQ legislation and LB 574 has been scheduled for debate this week starting tomorrow (see more details below). Stay updated on moving bills via our advocacy resources and catch up on more gender equity-related bills below.

Keep up the pressure and keep calling Senators. This is the week to turn your outrage into action. Your outreach and advocacy matters!

Upcoming Action Items for This Week

Tuesday, March 21

First round floor debate will begin tomorrow on LB 574 that bans families of transgender youth from seeking medically-sound, affirming health care and will punish doctors for providing care (introduced and prioritized by Senator Kathleen Kauth). Gender-affirming care bans like LB 574 only further harm trans youth, who already face higher rates of mental health issues. Debate on this bill could extend until Thursday. It’s time to show up to protect trans youth and support them and their families.

Wednesday, March 22

LB 391, to provide criminal and civil immunity for pregnancy outcomes, will have a hearing in the Judiciary Committee at 1:30 pm. Introduced by Senator Jen Day, this bill makes it clear that no person in Nebraska can be subject to civil or criminal penalties or investigated for a pregnancy outcome not resulting in a live birth. No pregnant person should live in fear of punishment if their pregnancy ends.

LR20CA is a constitutional amendment to protect the right of individual privacy (introduced by Senator Danielle Conrad). Currently, the Nebraska constitution does not include a right to individual privacy. This is a critical addition because this right is included in state constitutions that have upheld the right to abortion access. This resolution will also be heard by the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. If you can, please plan to testify in support.

Friday, March 24

The hearing on LB 371, a bill to criminalize drag shows and performers (introduced by Senator Dave Murman), has been scheduled by the Judiciary Committee for Friday afternoon. Drag shows have always been a celebration of joy, authenticity and kindness. Bills aiming to ban drag show participation in any capacity are unjust and discriminatory.

Additional Priority Bills That Impact Gender Equity

Given how this session has been moving so far, those bills with priority designation—by a committee, senator or the Speaker—are most likely to receive a full debate. Below is a list of bills that could advance or prohibit gender equity in our state. It’s time to contact your senator to voice your support or opposition for each of these bills so they know how you feel before they vote.

 LB 11 – provides clarification for household pets in domestic abuse protection orders (introduced by Senator Carol Blood and prioritized by Speaker John Arch). It is critical that Nebraska clarify protections for household pets in instances of domestic violence to provide assurance of safety for the pet and reduce a barrier for survivors seeking to leave an abusive situation. Learn more via our fact sheets (English / Spanish).

✅ LB 35 – will invest in the workforce by supporting affordable child care (introduced and prioritized by Senator Wendy DeBoer). Working parents and caregivers need stable child care to be able to work and provide for their families. Learn more via our fact sheets (English / Spanish).

 LB 84 – will maintain increased access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (introduced and prioritized Senator Day). Every household in Nebraska has a right to consistent and reliable access to food. Learn more via our fact sheets (English / Spanish).

 LB 294 – puts money back into the pockets of families with children by creating a state-level child tax credit (introduced and prioritized by Senator Conrad). Learn more via OpenSky Policy Institute’s policy brief on child tax credits.

  • ACTION! Contact the Revenue Committee and ask them to support families by voting this bill out of committee.

✅ LB 757 – changes requirements for applications under the Nebraska Crime Victim’s Reparations (CVR) Act (introduced by Senator DeBoer and prioritized by Speaker Arch). This bill would extend the eligibility timelines for victims seeking to apply to the CVR program to receive reimbursement for financial losses related to the crime they suffered. Learn more via our fact sheets (English / Spanish).

❌ LB 71 – changes provisions relating to parental involvement in and access to learning materials in schools (introduced by Senator Rita Sanders and prioritized by Senator Loren Lippincott). We trust teachers and oppose bills such as this that are rooted in censorship.

 LB 77 – would allow for the carrying of concealed handguns without a permit (introduced and prioritized by Senator Tom Brewer). This bill has passed the first round of debate, but continued calls are important to oppose this legislation and ensure that everyone can live safely from gender-based violence.

 LB 327 – changes the provisions to the recently voter-approved minimum wage raise (introduced and prioritized by Senator Jane Raybould) and has been amended to also include LB 15. This amended legislation goes against the will of Nebraskans who recently voted to raise the minimum wage and would create a sub-minimum wage for young people ages 14 to 17 and cap the cost-of-living increase beginning in 2027.

❌ LB 575 – bans trans youth from sports and spaces (introduced Senator Kauth and prioritized by Senator Robert Clements). With so many real threats to women’s sports, it’s a sad commentary on our society that action is being taken to target a subset of women and girls—those who are trans—and singles them out for discrimination.

 LB 626 – would ban abortion at six weeks, before most people know they are pregnant (introduced and prioritized by Senator Joni Albrecht). Last week, one of the co-sponsors of the bill and a member of the Health and Human Services Committee, Senator Merv Riepe added an amendment to the bill and voiced his concern for how the legislation would negatively impact pregnant Nebraskans.

 LB 810 – would allow medical providers to deny care and discriminate against patients (introduced and prioritized by Senator Murman). This would give medical professionals a license to deny care to LGBTQ+ patients and those seeking reproductive health care, including birth control and abortions.

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IMPORTANT REMINDER! You are the Second House in Nebraska. Your voice and input are critical in shaping legislation, informing legislators and ensuring the good life for all Nebraskans. Speak up for gender and racial equity. Make it impossible to be ignored! It’s time to get loud for our rights!


During Women’s History Month, we invite you to celebrate the inspiring members in our community. Let us lift up the brave and honor the bold. Together, we can shine a light on those who inspire us all and are truly dedicated to advancing gender equity. Let’s cheer for the rock stars and cheer on the advocates protecting our rights.

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