2022 Annual Report

The year 2022 began right away with a fight to advocate for abortion access and ended with abortion remaining legal in our state! During the 2022 Nebraska Legislative Session, we helped stop three extreme anti-abortion bills. And when our constitutional right to control our own bodies was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in June, we joined thousands of Nebraskans to rally, protest and demand our state officials reject political interference in our health care. Because of this collective effort, the promised special session disappeared, and abortion remains legal in Nebraska. 

A few more highlights of our work in 2022: 

  • Awarded grants totaling $6 million to local organizations working to create communities that are free from gender-based violence and expanding access to sexual and reproductive health care. 
  • Advocated for the advancement of gender equity by providing testimony on 30 bills during the legislative session. Of the 24 bills we supported, five bills became law and none of the bills we opposed passed. 
  • We also worked with a coalition to successfully pass a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage.
  • Other highlights include I Be Black Girl’s achievement of receiving their 501©3 nonprofit status, a record number of Circles applications and successfully transitioning our Contraceptive Access Project to Nebraska Family Planning.

A full review of the year is here with a review of our financials below.

2022 Financial Summary


Total: $8.3 Million


Special Events$201,816.53
Total 2022 Revenue$8,299,843.14


Total: $8.2 Million


Adolescent Health Project $11,485.50
Advocacy $250,507.92
Freedom from Violence $702,208.72
Fundraising $169,646.71
Grants $6,569,404.69
Management $345,141.22
Research $114,778.30
Women in Leadership $120,075.48
Total 2022 Expenses $8,283,248.54