2021 Annual Report

In 2021, attacks on gender equity added urgency and importance to our work, while the COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact women in our communities, especially women of color. Your support—through action, amplification and donations—continues to help us advance real solutions that have bold impacts in our community as well as block further attempts of gender-based oppression.

As we work to create communities that are free from gender-based violence and to provide increased access to sexual health resources and information, we focused much of our time in 2021 on advocating for effective and inclusive health education. The process with the Nebraska Board of Education was ultimately paused in September 2021 to the detriment of young people in our state. Additionally, we advocated for effective public policy during the 2021 Nebraska Legislative Session. Our team provided testimony on 46 legislative bills with 11 becoming law.

Grants totaling $10 million were awarded to local organizations working to create communities that are free from gender-based violence and expanding access to sexual and reproductive health care. This funding was announced at our annual Lead the Change event, which featured keynote speaker Tarana Burke, activist, author and founder of the ‘me too.’ Movement.

Here are additional highlights of our work in 2021:

A full review of the year is here with a review of our financials below.

2021 Financial Summary


Total: $12 Million


Special Events$50,060
Total 2021 Revenue$12,267,355


Total: $11 Million


Ella Baker$31,751
I Be Black Girl$179,161
Adolescent Health Project$1,403,150
Freedom from Violence$623,195
Total 2021 Expenses$11,448,292